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Welcome Media Salaries

What's the one question that media professionals want answered more than any other? Here's a hint, it's not "will there be an open bar?" though that's a close second. The thing that media pros most want to know in this increasingly distressed media economy is "How much do you make?"

Let's face it, the media industry is in crisis. Whether it's the latest Facebook algorithm update or another ill-advised pivot to video, media careers are precarious and often underpaid. Journalists, editors, and producers trained to suss out information from the cagiest sources are often in the dark about how much the person sitting next to them is earning, making it even more challenging to plan a career. How can you ask for what you're worth if you don't know how your work is valued?

At Media Salaries we believe in in bringing transparency to the often opaque world of media money. Our team will work to bring you the most current and accurate information possible about who's paying what for which jobs. We'll aggregate salary data from major media brands, publish tips on pay at major outlets, and amplify salary-transparent job listings (positive reinforcement!)

Our goal is to create an transparent, accurate, and equitable media industry in which every media professional from front line reporters to audience development leads can accurately assess what they're worth and demand what they deserve.

We want to know who pays well, who low-balls entry level employees, and who's perpetuating pay disparity in the newsroom. Does your company have a pronounced racial or gender pay gap? We want to know. Is your editor still (somehow???) using unpaid interns? Shoot us a note. All tipsters remain anonymous.

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